The Corporate Dream

Muscle-In is branded fitness and leisure apparel, the ethos of which centres on ‘FITNESS STYLED’. Indeed it is our aim to build a successful business that is driven by an obsessive and unwavering desire to give customers access to high quality and performance related gym and fitness apparel. We are a family-owned and run business, and for a company in its relative infancy, the initial product range reflects this. However, as with anyone’s training schedule, we have tried to focus on getting the basics right! That said, it is a product range that is set to explode, as new and exciting additional products lines and styles will be brought on stream. Aiming to be a pioneering company that makes a lasting impression, it is our intention to make sure that Muscle-In remains a dynamic proposition from the outset and we hope you join us in what will hopefully be a rewarding journey.
What’s more, as part of our corporate development strategy, it is our intention to launch a female range of apparel as soon as it is appropriate to do so, so we’ll keep you posted on how this is shaping up over the coming months.
In the meantime, we would like to emphasise how important you, our customers will be to the success of Muscle-In. Not surprisingly, we intend to make sure that we supply you with exactly what you’re looking for and get it to you in as trouble free manner as possible. This is our pledge to you from day one and will remain so. Obviously there will be hiccups along the way, however we really would welcome any feedback that you would care to provide, as this is probably the main way in which we will be able to tailor our service to make it the envy of the online sector. A big aspiration, but one that through dogged determination, endurance and commitment will be achieved and maintained. So in addition to using feedback tools such as Facebook and Twitter, please do not forget that email remains just as good an option. All you need is customerservices@muscle-in.com
We hope you enjoy your Muscle-In experience!

The Personal Vision

Paul Watson
It has taken a number of years to get to this point. Not through lack of passion or desire but the usual; life, children, running my own marketing communications business, time…. 
Having always been an enthusiastic sportsman, I became tired of seeing fellow gym users attend in crass and often unsophisticated sportswear. I constantly quizzed why ‘fitness training’ as a sport in its own right didn’t have the niche market for better quality and a more sophisticated look, which could also be taken out of the gym – like you may find in other sports, such as Golf or Skiing.
It is against this backdrop that the idea for the brand was born. Muscle-In to me was the perfect name for a male range of sports and fitness apparel. Why? Because in all sports, fitness training in the gym is crucial, and building muscles for strength and stamina are a key ingredient for those wanting to excel in their chosen sport. To me it is essential to success.  
So there we have it, Muscle-In, ‘fitness styled’ clothing, tailored with quality to deliver a sophisticated look. After all, we wear what we believe communicates what we aspire to be. And never forget…you can if you think you can!’
Paula Teader
I met Paul through the swimming fraternity. Our girls swam at county and national level and we spoke about his aspirations for Muscle-In. I became as passionate about the idea, recognizing the potential and was empowered to use my creative background to pull designs and ideas together. 
Over the months we met with banks, researched the market, held marketing workshops (lots of men trying on clothes, completing questionnaires and drinking beer!) and we went over and over ideas, and strategies to make the concept become real.
With a wealth of support from family, colleagues and friends specialising in a vast array of areas, such as fashion consultancy, marketing, branding, finance, merchandising, buying, plus all the gym guys that came to workshops to try on clothes and give their invaluable feedback – Thank you!
We are sure to have hiccups along the way, but with our philosophy of ‘you can if you think you can’ and failure comes only when you stay down not fall down we will promise to endeavor to bring our vision and share it with you.

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TEL: 07831 281443
EMAIL: customerservices@muscle-in.com